Storage Policy

We actively discourage you to store personal belongings in your new house unless you are moving in straight away. Too many times problems occur where things get mislaid or items are damaged or lost. We must advise you that you are not covered by your tenant insurance until your start date of your tenancy.

There are many storage companies who cater for tenant belongings and are generally very efficient, safe and cheap. They will collect your belongings, store them and then deliver them back to you at a mutually convenient time. It is pretty hassle free and definitely worth looking into. Let us know if you need help sourcing a storage company, however there are many in and around Durham to choose from.

If you do want to store items with the current tenants before the end of their tenancy and before the beginning of yours, then we have guidelines in place which must be adhered to, to ensure minimal disruption to all.

  • Get permission from the existing tenants. We cannot give out tenant information because of GDPR rules, however you are free to knock on their door
  • Contact us for our specific labels to place on your belongings which must be boxed & sealed. DO NOT place in black bags as they will look like rubbish and may be thrown out!
  • Complete the required information on the labels, attach the labels on the side or top of each box so they can be clearly seen
  • All boxes must be stored in one room only preferably a bedroom, items must be placed on a bed if possible. This room will not be cleaned and your belongings will not be disturbed
  • Advise us that you have left belongings and which room they are in

Bill Free Homes Ltd and Elvet Estates Ltd and their contractors cannot accept liability for any loss of or damage to any personal belongings left in the property.

Don’t forget.... you must collect your stickers from our office for any boxes left!