Policy Library

This is intended to concentrate all links in one place:

www.billfreehomes.com/faup - Fair usage on bills.


www.billfreehomes.com/gettingaround - Our transport policies all in one place. 


www.billfreehomes.com/parking  - All about parking.


www.billfreehomes.com/co-wheels - How to get a co-wheels car.


www.billfreehomes.com/nightbus - All about the Nightbus.


www.billfreehomes.com/buses - All about buses.


www.billfreehomes.com/reletting - How to deal with a house mate leaving


www.billfreehomes.com/condensation  - How to deal with and avoid condensation.


www.billfreehomes.com/rents - All about  rents


www.billfreehomes.com/meterreading - How to read a meter


www.billfreehomes.com/emergencies - Emergency proceedures.


www.billfreehomes.com/insurance - All about insurance.


www.billfreehomes.com/television - All about TV.


www.billfreehomes.com/internet - All about the internet.


www.billfreehomes.com/billfree  - All about our price packages.

www.billfreehomes.com/storage-policy  - All about storing your personal belongings


www.billfreehomes.com/timeostat - You  can  find  out  more information about  your time-o-stat