Payment Of Rents And Deposits

Non Payment of Rent

You have signed a joint and several lease agreement, meaning all tenants and guarantors are equally liable for all amounts due.

  • Rent is expected in advance each month. Please refer to your signed contract for details of the full payment schedule. You can also view your payment schedule, as well as your payments made to date, by logging into your Sturents account.
  • Any rent issues please keep us updated – email rents@bfhee.com
  • If any rent or other sum due from the Tenant under the Agreement remains unpaid for more than seven days from the date due, we will request payment from the defaulting tenant. If the outstanding sum remains overdue for more than 14 days interest will be added in accordance with the agreed terms and we will seek payment from all jointly liable tenants and their guarantors
  • Payment arrears may be made online or via bank transfer. Please refer to our payment policy for more details.

Summer Rent

We are aware that there are no student loan payments over the summer and a lot of people intend to pay their rent with their student loans. However, all rent due over the summer months should be paid on time as agreed upon signing. If you feel that you may have difficulty paying over summer, permission to sublet your house may be granted upon asking Billfreehomes.

You will be fully responsible for your sub-let tenants and any damage or cleaning issues which may arise. Any rents paid by your sub-tenants should be paid directly to you and your payment schedule with Billfreehomes should remain the same. The house will be cleaned by Billfreehomes as usual at the START of YOUR tenancy (when the lease to you starts not when you move in) but Billfreehomes will not clean the property at the end of your sub-let tenancy. This however, can be arranged for you in advance by Billfreehomes at a charge to you on request. Billfreehomes WILL NOT manage your tenants for you.


Deposits should be paid individually to Sturents upon signing your agreement. Once received, your full house deposit will be registered with a Government backed tenancy deposit protection scheme within 30 days and you will receive a copy of your certificate and the prescribed information.

Use of deposits for rent

Your deposits are registered with www.mydeposits.co.uk and are intended to provide the landlord with security against damage to the property or any breaks to the terms of the tenancy agreement. We cannot use your deposit to cover any rent or other sums due under the agreement, these payments must be made as per the agreed schedule. The deposit is a house deposit that each tenant contributes to and it must remain untouched until the end of the tenancy when any agreed deductions will be made if necessary. Any disputed deductions may go to arbitration.

Ways to Pay

Rent should be paid via Direct Debit and you will receive an email from Sturents when it's time to set this up. Please follow the on screen instructions and make sure to check the schedule is agreed.