Payment Of Rents And Deposits

Non Payment of Rent
You have signed to a joint and several lease, this means that failing to pay rent will normally fall to the other members signed to the contract to ensure the cost of the rent is covered. However, to attempt to prevent this burden falling straight to the other tenants, we get a signed guarantor who agrees to cover your percentage of the rent.
• Rent is expected on the 28th of every month preceding the rental month i.e July rent is due on 28th June, August rent is due 28th July etc
• If you fail to pay on the 28th, you will be contacted asking for more information on why you haven’t paid and when you will be paying.
• Any rent issues – email rents@billfreehomes.com
If any rent or other sum due from the Tenant under the Agreement remains unpaid for more than seven days from the date due, we will request of payment from the defaulting tenant, the first chase will be free of charge, if we receive no correspondence from the defaulting tenant we will then update the guarantor and the rest of tenants in the house regarding the outstanding balance on the account. If we need to seek payment from guarantors/other tenants a fee will be charged at £15 for the first request and £25 per request after this
• Payment arrears may be made by credit card by telephone or in the shop
Summer Rent
We are aware that there are no student loan payments over the summer and a lot of people intend to pay their rent with their student loans. However summer rent is due on time as expected, if you feel that you may have difficulty paying over summer, permission to sublet your house may be granted upon asking Bill Free Homes. (This must be managed by the tenants i.e. organisation, collecting of rents, management of tenants & cleaning after they leave.) You will be fully responsible for your sub-let tenants and any damage or cleaning issues which may arise because of this. The house will be cleaned by Billfreehomes as usual at the START of YOUR tenancy ( when the lease to you starts not when you move in) but Billfreehomes will not clean the property at the end of your sub-let tenancy. This however, can be arranged for you in advance by Billfreehomes at a charge to you on request. Billfreehomes WILL NOT manage your tenants for you.
Your joint deposit must be given in full as it will need to be registered as one deposit. There is a charge for each registration (no matter what the amount of deposit is). Billfreehomes will pay for one registration per lease only so we must receive the whole deposit in one full payment. Each amount of deposit no matter how small must be registered according to current legislation, so if Billfreehomes receive your deposits in small individual amounts you will be charged for the cost of each registration (currently £40.00 each amount protected as at June 2012). Deposits may be paid by credit card.
Use of deposits for rent
Your deposits are registered with www.mydeposits.co.uk and are intended to cover damage to the property and inventory items. We therefore do not accept late or nonpayment of rent due to wanting to use your deposit to cover the rent. The deposit is a house deposit that you have contributed to and it must remain untouched until the end of the tenancy when any agreed deductions will be made if necessary for damage. Any disputed proposed deductions will go to arbitration.
Ways to Pay
There are various ways you can pay your rent.
Phone the shop on 0330 330 0999 or visit the shop and pay by debit card/credit card
Please advise us of your choice of payment method.