There are few issues that create as much tension as parking. Our preferred option is that you do not bring a car but if you do it is well that you do not get parking tickets and do not upset your neighbours.

Unless you have a private drive parking outside your door is likely to be impossible and you may have to get used to parking some distance from the house.

Most properties within Durham City are entitled to purchase two parking permits per house or one per apartment. To buy a parking permit, you will need to visit the Parking Shop at:

Suite 1
Forster House
Forster Business Centre
Finchale Road
Framwellgate Moo

Tel: 0191 384 6633

but you will need a copy of your vehicle documents and your lease. Let us know and we will provide one. 

Please park considerately - if you want to really fall out with neighbours try parking on the pavement or blocking their drive - it never fails! 

If you feel that you are having parking problems please let us know and we may be able to help by offering a long term private parking space.

Most of Gilesgate is not covered by the CPZ but this creates its own problem as people use Gilesgate as a free car park and work the short distance into the shops or their office. Living in Gilesgate often means that there are fewer spaces to park you car. 

Please note: some newer houses in the city centre are not permitted parking permits. 

Some areas are outside the parking restriction zone. This is not an invitation to bring as many cars as you want as space is still tight and you will annoy your neighbours if the street starts looking like a used car lot! 

If you do get a ticket which you think is hard - then you can appeal it at appeals.durham@nslservices.co.uk 

Please remember that the parking attendants in the city do a difficult job and without them it would be chaos. Please be nice to them as it works out much easier that way !


Resident Permits

Resident Permits will only be issued by the Parking Shop to residents within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) at a cost of £30.00 per year. Permits for three, six or nine month periods are available for temporary residents, for example students with a tenancy agreement.

The permits are for use by residents only and have the vehicle registration number printed on them. Permits are non-transferable between vehicles. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant. Permits can be transferred to a new vehicle on return of the permit.

Permits will not be issued for passenger vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes or those longer than 6 metres.

The permit allows residents to park in both permit holder only areas and pay and display bays.

A maximum of two permits will be issued per household. Additional vehicle details should be supplied with an application for more than one permit. If the household has off street parking available, the number of permits will be reduced by the number of off street parking places. Off street parking provision need not be attached to the property and may be in the form of detached garages, parking spaces etc. Properties which are multiple occupancy, such as a house sub-divided into flats, will be treated as one residence and will be eligible to apply for two permits unless it is split into several discrete flats and is registered with the council as such. In this case each flat will be entitled to one permit.

Resident Permits are zone specific and cannot be used in any other zone other than the zone in which the resident's property is located.

Please note, due to the historic nature of the streets within the CPZ the supply of on street parking space is limited in some areas.  

Resident Visitor Permit (scratchcard)

Scratchcards will only be issued by the Parking Shop to residents within the Controlled Parking Zone and can be purchased at a cost of £3.00 per book. A maximum of six books may be purchased per household every three months. The following types of scratchcard books are available:

fifteen three-hour scratchcards

five one-day scratchcards.

The scratchcard allows visitors to park in both permit holder only areas and pay and display bays. Three of the three hour scratchcards can be used for a full day's parking in other words, the tenth hour is free. There is no limit on the number of scratchcards that can be used consecutively to allow a visitor to stay all day or for a number of days.

Please note that residents cannot purchase new books of scratchcards until they have used up their current allocation.

Durham City Controlled Parking Zone - Pay & Display & Permit Holder Areas

Zone A

Pay & Display

Elvet Hill Road

Potters Bank

Quarryheads Lane

Zone J


Pay & Display


Margery Lane


Zone B

Pay & Display

Anchorage Terrace

Church Street 


Church Street Villas


Gladstone Villas


Hallgarth Street


Hallgarth Street\Whinney Hill Link Road


The Hallgarth


Oswald Court


Stockton Road


Whinney Hill


Permit Holder Area


Alexandria Crescent (rear)


Back Nevilldale Tce


Beech Crest






Crossgate Peth (north west side)


Nevilldale Tce





Permit Holder Area

Boyd Street

Hallgarth Cul de Sac 


Hallgarth View


Highwood View


The Hallgarth


Mountjoy Crescent


Oswald Court cul de sac


Oswald Court\Church Lane Flats


South Entrance to Durham Johnstone


Comprehensive School


Whinney Hill cul de sac


Zone K


Pay & Display


Flass Street


John Street


Mowbray Street


Sutton Street


Waddington Street


Permit Holder Area

Boyd Street



Permit Holder Area


Bridge Street Access


Lambton Street


Zone C


Pay & Display 


Elvet Waterside


Green Lane


New Elvet


Old Elvet


Prison Green



Zone L


Pay & Display


Framwellgate Peth (Access Rd)


North Road


Permit Holder Area


Elvet Crescent



Permit Holder Area


Princes street


Zone D


Permit Holder Area


Leazes Court



Zone M


Permit Holder Area 


Albert Street


West Terrace


Back Western Hill


Millbank Court


Obelisk Lane




Zone E


Pay & Display




Ellis Leazes




Leazes Lane


Renny Street


Zone N


Pay & Display


Hawthorn Terrace


Holly Street


Laburnam Avenue


Lawson Tce


May Street


Mistletoe Street


The Avenue


Permit Holder Area


Douglas Villas




Kepier Terrace


Kepier Villas


Mayorswell Close


Mayorswell Field


Ravensworth Terrace


The Chains


Wear View


Zone O


Pay & Display


Atherton Street




Allergate Terrace


East Atherton Street


Mitchell Street


New Street


Neville Street


Zone F


Pay & Display


Orchard Drive


The Sands


Zone P


Pay & Display


George Street


Percy Tce


St John's Road


Permit Holder Area


Ferens Close


Ferens Park


Orchard Drive cul de sac


Wanless Terrace


Wearside Drive


Permit Holder Area


Farnley Hey Road


Farnley Mount


Farnley Ridge


Zone G


Pay & Display 


Framwellgate Waterside


Frankland Lane





Permit Holder Area


Sidegate Cul De Sac



Zone H


Pay & Display 


Pelaw Leazes Lane


St Hild's Lane


Station Lane


Zone D resident permits can be used in Zone E

Zone E resident permits can be used in Zone D

Zone I resident permits can be used in Zone N

Zone J resident permits can be used in Zone N

Zone L resident permits can be used in Zone M

Zone M resident permits can be used in Zone L

Zone N resident permits can be used in Zone J

Zone O resident permits can be used in Zone N


Zone I


Pay & Display


Castle Chare




Grove Street




South Street


Business Permits are valid in all pay and display bays

and permit holder areas within Durham City


Permit Holder Area


Crossgate (North Side Cul De Sac)


Crossgate (South Side Cul De Sac)


Grape Lane




Tenter Terrace



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this page. As parking restrictions do change from time to time it is the reponsibility of the driver to check signs on street. Where they appear to be differences between the information contained on this sheet and the signing on street, the signing on streets takes precedence.