Internet Guide 

Technology in this area moves so quickly that this guide may change regularly.

In order to achieve the best results we currently have two internet providers; both are specialist in the student market.

The main differences are that one company provides a house password and the other gives individual sign ins that protect a certain amount of bandwidth for yourself.

Reporting procedures are in the repairs policy sheet again fixed to the wall in your house.

We know that the internet is an important resource and in cases of failure we will act promptly to restore the normal service, however our providers may need your cooperation in diagnosing faults. Often breaks in service are due to external forces over which we have no control. We will always do what we can but please remember that no one has died through lack of internet provision.

We try to give you as good a service as is available in the area at the time, we choose a commercial service from specialist suppliers who give good service when there are problems. We also choose a service whenever possible free from download limits subject to fair usage (see ).

In the case of faulty routers these will be replaced within 3 working days, however network failure can result in us being in the hands of the network provider to restore the service. We will report all internet failures to our service provider immediately. Once they have reported back to us the nature of the cause, we will take appropriate action.

Internet speed issues

The advertised maximum speed of any internet service is dependant on many issues, some are of course internal that can be addressed such as concurrent use and the line quality but others simply cannot. There are many external issues such as distance from the exchange, type of cabling from the nearest street equipment, type of street equipment, and again, local usage patterns. 

We have in the past investigated issues only to find that a person in the same house is running a small business streaming videos and burning them to DVDs. This is being addressed by a move to individual logins

If you connect multiple devices this will prevent others from using the internet and may affect your own experience. No matter how high the speed is and how much bandwidth there is – it is finite. It is similar to water pressure- there is only so much water entering the house at any one time if everyone turns the taps on fully the pressure will fall.

Unless there is a fault which we will investigate thoroughly the speed you are getting is undoubtedly the best available at the time in the area under the prevailing circumstances.