Most of  our  properties are covered by externally monitored  covert cctv. If  copies  of  data  are required please email bill@billfreehomes.com stating the  range of  times required, date and address and reason for requiring data.  Requests  to  be  made  within  48hours  of the  incident. We reserve the  right to charge  for time and consumables.
Cameras have been sited so that their images are clear enough to allow the police to use them to investigate a crime.
Cameras have been positioned to avoid capturing the images of persons not visiting the premises.
There are signs showing that a CCTV system is in operation visible to people visiting the premises and the controllers contact details are displayed on the sign where it is not obvious who is responsible for the system.
The recorded images from this CCTV system are securely stored, where only a limited number of authorised persons may have access to them
The recorded images will only be retained for 7 days.
Recordings will only be made available to law enforcement agencies involved in the prevention and detection of crime and  neighbouring householders, and no other third parties.